No solution to the regression could be found

Hi there!

I’m trying to use AMR to generate stat weights.

However, I always receive this error:

“No solution to the regression could be found”.

I’m guessing it’s because my gear is too low level and therefore produces weird results / I “die” in the simulation?

I’m simming “Live” with “Default” rotation, limiting the ilevel between 779 and 855.

I’ve tried most of the boss scripts, including training dummy (tank) and wet noodle.

I’m level 110, ilevel 799, Demon Hunter Vengeance. Artifact level Rank 63 with all relics filled.

I’m further assuming that I may as well use the AMR stat weight defaults in Pawn until I get better gear because at this ilevel, it’s not going to matter much!

If my assumptions are correct, what ilevel do you suggest waiting to switch to AMR Simulations?

Many thanks!

Hey there,

Doing a custom gearing strategy, in general, isn’t going to yield any noticeable improvement over the adaptive gearing strategies. You may want to play around with the “Blender” setting that decides how much to gear for toughness vs DPS.

I’d guess you are running into that error for the reason you suggested: your gear is just way too low right now for the tanking scripts.

My suggestion would be to just get your ilvl up through dailies and such - it’s pretty fast to get near 900 these days without even doing raids. And then use the suggestions in the appropriate adaptive strategy. The custom gearing strategy might give you some small amount of refinement - but they are meant to tweak the gear around your current legendary and set items, so, they don’t make a lot of sense for a character that doesn’t have any set or legendary items yet.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I managed to get a simulation to complete now that I’m ilevel 828 and used Krosus as the target (not tried other targets yet).