No trinket upgrades in Ny'alotha for retribution paladin in


as discussed earlier on Discord, the upgrade finder (and BiB, if that matters) seems to think that not even Mythic Ny’alotha has any trinket upgrades to offer me (we only raid heroic).
This feels unlikely, given what I’m currently wearing and my item level in general?

Snapshot ID is f067934853224d0cbc15a0afb89fc351.


Probably a graphic bug because i see an “upgrade” but the values are downgrade.

It comes probably with the same bug as this player :

Hah, I totally didn’t notice that, @Sienss!
So it’s just a display issue… that’s odd! :smiley:

Actually, no, scratch that. :wink:
The green bars there for the bonus roll take into account all drops.
If you then put a filter like “trinket” in, it just filters the list but the bars are not adjusted.
The green bar here represents other items that are not trinkets. :frowning:

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Yep true my bad.
Let’s wait for AMR’s team :stuck_out_tongue:

The trinkets do seem to be ranking a little lower than they should in the upgrade finder. The trinkets are surprisingly terrible in the new raid though, except for AoE situations. You won’t really see much of an upgrade compared to even your low level pocket-sized computation device.

I’ll take a look and see why the rankings here are a bit low. Keep in mind that the upgrade finder necessarily has higher margin of error on the estimates. If you actually were to get one of those 475 trinkets, there’s a good chance that BiB would tell you to use it.

Thanks @Swol! :slight_smile:

I see, if I switch the strategy over to multi-target, even the upgrade finder shows some of them as upgrades.
Makes sense, I guess, if they’re actually that bad for single target. :sweat_smile: