Not able to simulate Brewmaster monk weapon changes in Shadowlands

Since brewmasters can now dual wield do we have any sims where dual wielding has been compared against two-handed weapons? In my current setup I have a decent 115 staff, but the stats I get from a 105 fist and a 100 mace appear to be better, with a higher dps output. However, when going to simulate the gear imported does not allow for one-handed (dual-wield) weapons to be chosen. I’m assuming this was a pre-shadowlands restriction put in place and it just hasn’t been lifted yet?

I can lift that restriction so that people can try it out. I don’t think you get any benefit from using one weapon type or the other though… so I think it would be unusual that lower-level weapons would be better than higher-level, regardless of type.

That would be cool, the main thing that seems odd is when doing the blizzard compare it says the higher ilevel staff would be a drop in dps with only a +1 to agil and +4 to stamina. Not sure how much tanking difference it would make one way or the other.

Weapon differences are going to be extremely minor for brewmaster and windwalker. Item level will matter the most.

The total stats on a 2-hander are equal to that of two 1-handers combined.

Most abilities use “composite” ability damage (they combine your main+off hand when dual wielding, which calculates out to be exactly equivalent to using an equal item level 2-hander).

There are just a couple abilities that only use main hand ability damage, which would favor a 2-hander. But those few cases are more or less offset by the fact that dual-wielding does more auto-attack damage with equivalent item level weapons (for any class/spec).

edit: windfury totem throws a wrench into things… but we have to believe they’ll do something to redesign it before Shadowlands goes live, because it is wildly out of balance from spec to spec right now.

I would expect that’s the case, and in pre-patch I’m not overly worried about small differences. Figure more towards raiding and Shadow Lands where two one-handed weapons of the same ilevel with a same ilevel staff might sim differently due to stat differences and such and wanted to make sure the simulator was opened up to sim those type of changes.