Not finding weapon

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is:
I have an axe and sword equipped on my Subtlety Rogue but the simulation does not recognize the sword and blanks the slot. It simply does not show up at all when I do Best In Bags so I am unable to equip the weapon manually.

I know of no restriction using this combination of weaponry so am perplexed at the exclusion.

Without any further data (i.e. your addon export string) the most likely cause could be that your sword does not have Agility. As you generally don’t want to use a weapon without your primary stat AMR completely ignores those items to reduce calculation time.

String in this case is useless since it’s not registering the item when I copy the string.

The weapon itself lists on Wowhead as an Outlaw spec weapon, but it’s equipped on my character and is all that is available at this time. Item level is 390.

You can’t use backstab without a dagger, so we don’t consider alternate weapon setups.

Thanks for clearing it up. I’ll find some daggers!