Not seeing a way to value ilevel over secondary stats

Been trying to create a custom strategy using the customize options but keep running into roadblocks.

  1. Hard to use the ratio tool with the way it is set up. Uses only increments of 20 instead of 1 for precision to match others and only goes as low as 100 on the values. Cant mimic best in slot that AMR creates for paladins that has 0.00% haste because it has base value of 100, or in my current case lower mastery as pallys have quite a bit of built in mastery.

  2. Having to do the calculations by hand and via my own excel spreadsheet because AMR uses stats as input instead of set percentages or showing both. Also had to do some ratio math to try and match the top holy paladin as in their gear they only have 1800 stats where AMR assumes 2000 and uses ratios to gear.

  3. Not finding a way to set a priority system while gearing up. It is choosing to up stats that are not as important to me while replacing stats that are important to me

  4. No way to choose main stats as priority. AMR keeps choosing items that are lower item level by 10-15 levels just for a couple secondary stats.

I know you guys mentioned in others posts that you can use the tool to set this stuff up but im not seeing how to do that anymore in the new ui. Is there another section in the tool that handles this kind of things? What I am trying to do is create a strategy where i have a certain goal for stats I want to hit, following a priority pattern, and then find upgrades based on those goals.

We moved to the current approach of defining a ratio as a target because it makes more sense with how the game works than e.g. setting a specific “cap” for a stat and giving it priority over all other stats until that cap. That old way simply doesn’t track with the game itself, so we have moved on.

In all of our analysis, getting stats in ratios to each other works better than treating stats as a priority, or going for very specific amounts of stats. For example, it is often good for DPS specs to get decent amounts of both crit and haste, without ignoring one or the other no matter what gear level you are at. Different builds and talents will shift the desired amount more in favor of say crit or haste, but some of both is always desirable for maximum output.

In theory the code should handle prioritizing primary stats such that it doesn’t significantly lower your item level to reach your specified secondary stat ratio. If you have a specific example where you think the tradeoff is not good, we can look at it and see if anything needs to be tweaked.

And in general, if you need some assistance getting the customization tool to do something, we’re happy to take a look and help out, or even implement something extra if we think it’s worthwhile.

For more history, the whole stat weights/priority with caps approach was a very rough linear approximation that became popular because it was easy to implement and worked well enough. In the Legion expansion, most of the theorycrafting community shifted pretty hard away from stat weights because they just couldn’t get the level of accuracy that people desired, us included. So at this point, what you describe is a system that is about 5+ years out of date.