Not selecting soulbinds/cov

I just changed cov to kyrian from necrolord (34 renown now) and AMR is not selecting soulbinds/powers for me. The box in BIB now shows just the name of the current soulbind I have equipt. Any idea how to fix this?

Can you post a snapshot id? Use the help link right above the gear table to create one. With that we can look at your case.

Off the top of my head I’d say try going in-game, changing some talents/gear around, and then exporting again. There could be something cached.


i tried swapping stuff still no dice.

i figured it out - clicked unlock all and it works now…must have been from necro when i locked a tree

Ah, yeah - that would do it. We should probably unlock that if you swap covenants. All these little edge cases!