Not suggesting an upgrade?

Hi, I’m fairly new at this and don’t understand why its not recommending the upgrade. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, can someone explain please? Is the corruption bonus really that much better? Or is it a bug?

Snapshot: 0face82d8d0248efb0638993588f2f7f

In this case, the item with the vers proc scores better, yes.

Corruption effects are quite strong – a tier 3 corruption effect (the vers proc one) is going to be a lot more powerful than a tier 1 corruption effect (the void ritual one). Also, for void ritual, it’s not very good unless 3 people in your group all have it. There is a checkbox for that in the settings. But even then, a tier 1 void ritual probably won’t beat out a tier 3 surging vitality, regardless of some ilvl difference between your items.

Thanks so much for the explanation!

Also another side note – we do account for a reduced chance for surging vitality to trigger compared to tank specs. We used combat logs to ballpark how often you can expect it to trigger for non-tank specs.