Nov 5: UI Updates, BiB Multiple Sets, Upgrade Finder Tweaks, WCL import

The site was updated today with several feature updates.

IMPORTANT: You need to get version 65 or higher of the in-game addon to use any of the import or export features. This update significantly changes the format.

  1. Best in Bags now supports multiple setups per spec! This was a much-requested feature, but always harder than anticipated to implement. Read the multiple setups blog post for details on how it works. Try it out and let us know how it feels.

  2. We have streamlined a couple of things on the optimizer UI, and added a talent section to the options for BiB, BiS, and Gear Check. This lets you save specific talents to each feature. The talents that you choose are very important to the optimization results!

  3. When filtering the Bonus Roll search on the Upgrade Finder, if a boss/dungeon has no matching items under it, it will now be hidden.

  4. You can now import a character via a Warcraft Logs URL on both the optimizer and the simulator. It will read all of the character’s gear, gems, enchants, azerite powers, and talents. It cannot read heart of azeroth level – that will be read from the armory or the last cached import from the addon for that character.


I love you! Been waiting for the multiple sets for ever.


I’ve noticed that often when you have multiple azurite items of the same name/ilvl, that the addon/site cannot distinguish the two. Meaning that it won’t switch to the correct one when changing specs. Is this fixable? It is a major issue on my priest when switching between Holy and Shadow.

In theory any such issues should be resolved with the latest version of the website and in-game addon. If you have a specific case where you see it happening, we can look at it in more detail.