Number of "Setups" available to us

First of all let me say that I absolutely love the option to have multiple setups per character optimized to interact with each other based on priority. I used to do this by hand before and it was a serious headache to manage. I play about 16 120 toons and most of the specs for all of them (at least I have gear sets for most all of the specs) so it was a really daunting task that the multiple setups option all but eliminates.

I do have one request though. My main toon is a Druid (4specs) so the number of setups that we can have is more restrictive on him than on the other toons. This is what I setup for gearsets (and yes I use all of them at one point or another)
Guardian: Raid Progression set, Raid Farm set, Raid “all Defense” set, Mythic+ set
Balance: Raid(single target), Mythic+ (AOE)
Feral: Raid(single target), Mythic+ (AOE)
Resto: Raid healing, Mythic+ Healing

So with the current restriction on the number of setups that we can have it leaves me 3 setups short to hit all of my sets. I manage right now by just running all of my guardian builds and my 3 raid setups for the other specs, and then running it again with all of my guardian builds and swapping the other 3 to my M+ setups. The problem is that there are Azerite gear conflicts that I always have to manage my way through.


We put a limit on the setups to avoid our server costs getting out of control, since it needs to optimize all of the setups. We’re monitoring how things are going to see if we can increase the limit.

If a lot of people want more sets, we can see if there is a way to make that happen regardless - possibly a higher tier of premium to offset the extra cost or something like that, but we’ve always been hesitant to do anything like that.