Object reference not set to an instance of an object

So I’ve noticed this error occurring on my Paladin Tank, Warrior Tank, & Resto Shaman so far. When I try to select the middle relic I get a pop-up error saying the following.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ticket number: 2e25d38b-3a1d-4416-abd8-681380d4d776

This was originally happening when I was trying to change and save the crucible settings. I’ve discovered that I can set all 3 relic slots if I have nothing set for the crucible but if I set all 3 slots then the crucible will give me an error when trying to update it. Additionally on the flip side if I set the crucible slots first and save it then I cannot set the middle relic slot without getting an error. It’s very frustrating. The error also pops up when trying to use the BiS feature as well.

Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on it. If you need additional details on my settings just let me know and I’ll go over every detail I have set.

Thank You.

Could you give me a character that I can use to reproduce this issue? And is there a specific set of steps that seems to always produce this error for you?