Oct 6: Tank Optimizer Updates, Bug Fixes

The site was updated today with a couple of optimizer updates and bug fixes:

  1. Tank optimizations for lower-level characters should be much better now (probably only noticed issues below ilvl320 or so). If you were getting a weird optimization, try importing from the addon and running it again.

  2. You may notice a few differences for tank optimization in general, e.g. the thresholds might have shifted slightly, or a few azerite traits might have shifted in relative value. It should generally be better now, though not a whole lot different overall. Previously we think azerite traits were getting undervalued compared to stats on gear a bit (for toughness). DPS/healer rankings and DPS rankings for tanks are unaffected by this change.

  3. Tweaked multi-target strategies for marksmanship hunters.

  4. Fixed an issue with Lustrous Golden Plumage (proc was too big before).

  5. Switched to the new battle.net API, let us know if you encounter any armory character loading issues.

Oct 12th follow up:

We posted another update that tweaks the toughness thresholds a bit – they were too close together especially at higher gear levels, and generally a little too low for some specs. The optimization hasn’t changed, just the thresholds, so you may need to move it up or down from what you had it set at previously.

There were also a couple minor bug fixes in this update: some issues with charactesr who have inappropriate weapons (e.g. 2-hander for windwalker), and some heart of azeroth level requirements tweaks.

I have not seen a change in Lustrous Golden Plumage as of 11/3/18. I am an Enhancement Shaman and this trinket is shown to be vastly more powerful on AskMrRobot than it actually is in game. The 340 ilvl version is nearly a full percentage higher in the Optimizer than anything out of mythic raiding. However, after running sims both with it and without it the Simulator seems to be judging it accurately. It would be nice to have an accurate representation of the trinket in other aspects of the site.