October Site Update

Today’s update releases the completed customization features! There are two new things:

Best in Slot Customization

All of the customization features that we have been beta testing with Best in Bags are now available for Best in Slot as well!

Saved Custom Setups

You can now save, load, and share your custom setups! For example, if you create a set of rules for stats and azerite that you think is really awesome, you can then share that with your friends, post it on your blog, whatever – and anyone can load your rules and optimize according to your setup!

  1. To save a setup, when you are looking at the results tab of a Best in Bags or Best in Slot optimization, click SAVE CUSTOM SETUP at the top-right of the table of gear. Give it a short and unique name.

  2. To load this setup, on the first Setup tab for Best in Bags or Best in Slot, press Load a Custom Setup, and choose it from the list.

  3. To share a setup with someone, click the share icon next to your setup on the load list from step 2. It will give you an ID that you can give to someone else.

  4. To add a setup that someone shared with you, open up the load list like in step 2, and paste the ID in the textbox at the bottom of the popup window, and press IMPORT SETUP.

A few notes on custom setups:

  • It saves all of your settings from the Setup and Customize tabs. It does not save locked items/gems/enchants or excluded items. Those things are usually character-specific and wouldn’t work well for another user.
  • If you want to update an existing saved setup, go to save it like normal as described in step 1 above, and give it the same name as an existing setup. That will overwrite the setup of the same name. If you give it a new/different name, that will create a new setup.
  • You can delete your saved setups from the load list at any time if you don’t want them anymore by clicking on the trashcan icon next to it.