Odd recommendations for Best Gear

Hey team,

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I’m doing some Best Gear permutations and getting odd results:

Wafting Devotion recommended, when there are many clear upgrades

Ring enchant recommending Crit, when Mastery is the best. Oddly, it recommends Mastery on the other finger!

Though I have a primary stat gem in my Necklace, it recommends a new place for it. Seems odd - I think it should prefer to continue using the same slot if it wants a different primary stat gem.

Can you all take a look? Thanks!

Changed Gem & Enchant threshhold from 0.5 to 'Disabled…

I think that you might be looking at the list for your Fire Raid, MWF setup, which is second priority in the list. For your highest priority spec, Lightning M+, Wafting Devotion ranks highest in the list. Thus for lower priority setups it cannot change that enchant, but it’s still worth using that item with a slightly worse enchant than changing to one of your worse weapons.

Oh I guess I forgot / it didn’t occur to to me that the loadouts affect each others’ prioritization - that is… not ideal. The needed stats and gear for each of these specs is VERY different. Is there a way to just have them independently evaluate gear?

So now I’m having some thoughts:

  • I don’t think I understand how the gear optimizer works if the results of a given setup are dependent on the ones above it
  • How does prioritization happen across all setups? If it maximizes sequentially, why would it ever choose anything other than the optimal gear for the top setup?
  • It makes more sense now why I cant have > 6 setups - but on the other hand, why would I want to optimize across all fight scenarios and talent choices?
  • If the setups were independently optimized, I’d guess that the 6 limit goes away - and I can’t tell you how valuable that would be to me. I’d have probably ~30 setups - one for each raid boss with a few talent options, a few for a target dummy, and a few for M+. That would change my life :smiley:

The way it works now is by far the most practical… otherwise you would be burning through gold like crazy.

For example, if I’m a warrior who usually tanks but sometimes plays as DPS, and I own one chest item that is significantly higher ilvl than all my others, I would probably enchant it for tanking and just use it as-is when I need to swap to DPS. The enchant will be slightly sub-optimal, but overall it is better than using a weaker chest item.

It is very rare that people will re-enchant their gear when switching specs or activities in-game. I’m sure some people do it… but not many.

Most people who play multiple specs often will try to obtain multiple items that are nearly as good, and enchant one for tanking and one for DPS. The optimizer will handle this as well – if it sees a chest item that is only slightly worse for DPS than the one you enchanted for tanking, it will use that and enchant it for DPS, for an overall better result.

This behavior is actually one of the most popular features of Best in Bags – it handles creating and maintaining multiple sets of gear for multiple specs in an optimal way without the need to re-gem and re-enchant all the time.