Odd suggestions- Frost DK WOTLK-Prioritizing Crit over Str


Can I trust the math here? It seems like it wants me to dump strength for crit rating. It doesn’t seem right.


Seems odd that Conqueror’s is a -3.13% despite being the same item with more stats…

Everything seems OK in this case unless I’m missing something: the trade off between strength and crit between your gear and the optimized setup is pretty small, only two items are changing.

It’s trading the 2pc T8 set bonus for the 4pc T7 set bonus, that’s where most of the score difference comes from. I’d have to look at the calculations in more detail but it certainly seems plausible that a previous-tier 4pc bonus could be stronger than a current-tier 2pc bonus. Classic versions of the game were notorious for this.

How does that explain that Conquerors > Valorous when they are the same tier, with Valorous having less strength.

If you already have an item it just says “owned” and doesn’t score it. But technically that item would be a downgrade too because you have a better combination of items available.

Thanks for the clarity