Odd tank gear recommendations icc tier split, plus some other questions

hello again
this is my BiS list essentially, as I doubt Ill be downing any heroic boss not listed
this is what I have now in contrast since it has a similar thing going

Forgive the wall of text
So my question is why does it even with the slider being to max toughness recommend a 2/2 tier 10 split, instead of all 4 tanking? my guild doesn’t really want me to use dps gear while tanking so I’ll probably just get the 4 set tanking, but in the meanwhile Ive been retooling my dps equipment to tank gems/enchants as it recommends, since the guild switched me to being a full time tank.

Is it just that the 2 set tier 10 dps is really good threat? or is it that the 4 set is too much tank stats so much gets wasted? This is on full toughness slider mind you, though I do get that dodge is kind of bad in icc because of the debuff. If it is a threat thing, another small question I have about the set I have now, why not switch out a few Solid Majestic Zircons in the yellow sockets in my ring to Vivid Eye of Zuls? It would get my to the hit cap with the loss of 18 stamina, and I imagine losing the change to miss on my heroic strikes would be worth it.

Also, how good is unidentified organ? I only have the 251 one, not sure if I will ever get a 264 one, but I find the stamina building incredibly inconsistent and slow. If the armor is what does it mainly wouldn’t the armor trinket from RS 25 normal be better? The petrified twilight scale? because it shows it ranking rather low. How consistent do you show the organ supposedly to be? I do see that you fixed the issue with Black Bruise, because its essentially completely gone from the Bis list instead of being top.

I was looking at older bis lists from back in the day of OG wotlk and it seems to show that you really want the bonus armor from pillars of might and the tier chest and gloves, but I am guessing that is very dated? Like I guess if I am not pushing new heroic bosses none of this matter’s a ton and maybe those lists were from before the 30% buff made things a lot easier.

And what’s the guideline for using green gems vs just a Solid Majestic Zircon? In the bis list it has a few enduring eye of zul even though it pushes past the def cap, but not in all yellow sockets. is it really just 9 stam vs 6 stam on the bonus? and again whynot vivid eye of zul to hit the hit cap of 8%? Also is the movement speed from Tuskars really not worth the 7 stamina? Is it because warriors have charge and intervene?

One last thing, I think its cute that every other enchant is listed out fully even if the name cuts off, but mongoose is just goose. you even have room for the full mongoose without it cutting off I believe.

The slider between toughness and damage is as much art as science… we can try adjusting it to be even more aggressive towards toughness when all the way to the toughness side, see how people like it.

In this modern go around with WotLK, there is a strong preference to lean towards threat/damage with tanks. This trend is going to be permanent, as later expansions are dominated by this preference in the tank community and it spills over into the current classic player base. That said, the idea of the slider is to give people a way to control this preference, so making the all toughness side more aggressive about toughness should be fine.

We can lower the estimate of the unidentified organ a bit… it might be too optimistic about your stack count throughout a fight. That said… Blizzard has always had a hard time making tanking trinkets that really feel impactful (I have played a tank almost exclusively since vanilla), so the alternatives probably won’t make much of a different in-game.

As for the gems and enchants: there are just so many combinations that we don’t try all of them. The idea is that the ones we do try should be extremely close to any theoretical optimal result.

Being a small amount under the hit cap is generally not that big of a concern. It also becomes more difficult to value that the further you put the slider towards all toughness.

Some enchants have an explicit shorter name mainly for use in the addon.

We posted an update a few days ago with some adjustments to the slider’s curve between damage and toughness that you can try out, and adjusted the unidentified organ estimate.