"Old Style" Mr. Robot

OK, shame on me, but I like Mr. Robot to tell me the best enchants and gems and let me take a shopping list back into the game. Sometimes I liked the Best in Bags, but I argue with lowering my iLevel just because pieces have my priority stat. For instance, When I’m 'way over in Mastery, but below standard on Versatility, why tell me that the higher iLevel Versatility piece is not as good?

Fine… you’re going to tell me that if I tweak something in the settings… blah, blah, blah. I’m not an elitist jerk… I’m a better-than-average player that likes to raid with my guild. I don’t want to have to crunch numbers to try to be what I’m not.

This old lady is lost with all the numbers. I paid for the upgraded membership, but soon found that it just irritates and confuses me instead of being a help. How do I get back to the Mr. Robot that looks at my gear and tells me what’s missing and gives me a shopping list?

I think you’ll find that in the ways you’re used to, nothing has changed… you still get a shopping list for enchants/gems when you’ve imported data from the website to the game.

What mainly changed with Legion is Artifacts &/or having more that one of them; to that end, the requirement to set a priority to all specialisations, whether you use them or not… while we’re on Artifacts, AMR can also tune Relics to maximise throughput, too.

However… with Artifacts came a small caveat that if you do have an off set, then due to the prioritising, where an item is shared over more than one set of gear, the gemming/enchants are set to those of the highest priority specialisation you choose… so if you Tank AND Heal, but you tank more, healing gems/enchants may not be ‘perfect’ for a piece of gear that is ‘best’ for both.

As a non-number-cruncher, myself, the way I use AMR by exporting from the game, importing into the website, optimising & exporting the results to the game is still the same - it may looks slightly different, but it still works the same way. the only bit that seems to have ‘got lost’ is the option to send a shopping list to someone to get things made… BUT, you can see the shopping lists on all of your own characters if you have the option to make the stuff you need.

Hope this helps, but if there’s anything I missed - or misunderstood - gimme a yell & I’ll see if I can fill in any gaps.

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Regarding the the issue of ilevel. Keep in mind that itemization is bit odd for this expansion. It’s very common for a lower level item to be “better” than a higher level item. Especially with rings, necks and trinkets.

Blizzard has acknowledged this and supposedly made changes for 7.2 and 7.2.5.


Maybe I just got lost. I’ll try again. Thanks.