Old trinkets in BiB for resto druid M+, sims poorly

Snapshot 3f0885978f2046619262ce0a03511435

Using a pure-HPS M+ setup, BiB has been recommending old/low trinkets to me. It picks a 213 Tuft of Smoldering Plumage (+leech) and 207 Manabound Mirror, over a 272 Soulletting Ruby and 252 Unbound Changeling. (It does recommend the latter two for raid.)

I tried simming them here and the output aligns with expectations that the latter two are better. Also, in case it might be related, BiB had been trying to use a different legendary from the one I want and have locked it to.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here; did I screw up some setting somewhere? Is there just a lack of data for my settings/situation? Would it help if I created and ran more sims for it to chew on?

We can take a look and try to tweak the rankings a little bit, but in your simulation, all of these trinket options are simulating very close together – it would be tough to say for certain in-game which setup would perform better.

The optimizer rankings aren’t predicting that big a difference either. I can try to adjust it to show a smaller difference between these particular setups though.

You really can go with whichever trinket setup you prefer in this case.