Old Version Problems

I keep getting an error that says I am using an older version of the add-on and to update it.

I went to Twitch and updated it. Nothing.

I went to the AMR provided link and manually updated it. Nothing.

I uninstalled it on Twitch and removed all settings for the add-on as I uninstalled it. Then reinstalled it. Nothing.

I manually uninstalled it by deleted the files directly from the folder and putting in the newly downloaded folders into the directly. Nothing.

I went to curseforge (in case the link provided by AMR was bad) and manually downloaded and installed it freshly from there. Nothing.

Every time I use the add-on in-game it says it is version 64. I cannot get it to update to version 72 no matter what I have tried.

I also cleared my cache on my web browser to make sure that was not an error.

I am at a loss of what I can do to get the add-on to work.

I figured it out. Somehow a second location for my add-ons was created and it was changing the first location, but the game was using the 2nd location’s data. Finally got it working after I figured that out.

Yeah it seems that in a recent patch, blizzard moved where they store addons to a subfolder… on mine it’s under _retail_ now.

Yeah, the old folder still exists and the Twitch program still reads it as viable, but apparently the retail one is the valid one now. Once I updated that folder, it worked just fine