Optimal stat graph vs what gear mr robot actually picks as best in slot

For windwalker monk. I go check the “best in slot” section with all everything checked (norma+heroic+mythic) and the stats are almost complete opposite of what it shows in the “optimal stat graph”. It is stacking a bunch of haste and crit when everyone knows haste is bad and versatility should be the best stat (even the optimal stat graph does this correctly). Why does Mr. Robot not even follow his own advice?

It depends a lot on what items are available. What mythic+ level are you using?

It is hard to get a lot of Versatility. And, when I look at the stat graph, most of the combinations of stats are in the “green” which indicates that the value of different stats are very close. There aren’t going to be many combinations of stats that are really that bad for windwalker right now.

There are combinations of stats with a lot of haste that are well within 2% of theoretically optimal DPS. It is easy to lose context when thinking about stats. We tend to forget that sometimes they don’t have a large impact on our DPS, which is the case with Windwalker right now. As long as you aren’t stacking haste through the roof, you’ll do good damage. When I look at BiS with Mythic+ 10 I only see 844 haste on the set of gear, which is well within the optimal stat range.