Optimize is already recommending Dragonflight gems and enchants that aren't available

I just capped a toon and have been gathering all the gear I can. I went to do a quick optimize to double check I had the best gear and enchants equipped. It was unfortunately recommending gems and enchants that will not be available until DF launches aka about a month too early.
To “fix” this I put Gem and Enchant quality to none, and just went with what Raidbots simmed.
I don’t know how much updating you’ll be doing between now and launch, but there are a lot of toons being levelled right now and will be geared like crazy over the next couple weeks.,

We can filter out dragonflight gems and enchants for the next 2 weeks in the next update (not a month!). They were filtered out… but somehow started showing up again, probably something with new item data that we extracted changed.

sorry, the month was a little bit of an over exaggeration. I meant that is when people will be enchanting/gemming for raids/M+ which will be the first large push. my bad

It should be showing shadowlands gems/enchants again, seems the lists got overwritten with the dragonflight ones on the last site update, whoops!

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