Optimized Set for Trashmobs

Hello I really enjoy your Tool for finding the best Gearsets for different encounters.

At the moment i a stuck while creating a Gearset focused clearing trash in raids.
Since those mobs are lvl 60 to 62 elite a hitcap of 5% should be enough.

Due to “Elemental Precision” a mage wouldn’t need any hit from gear.

So instead of “Blade of Vaulted Secrets” i am quite sure using “Mageblade” is the way to go…
Then finding the best alternatives for other items with +hit, like “Rockfury Bracelets”, “Dark Storm Gauntlets”, “Eyestalk Waist Cord” … would be interesting.

Is there any option while using the “Stat Thresholds” to calculate with a Spell-Hit-Cap lower than 16%?

We don’t have that option available right now. It could possibly be added in the future, once we get out from under Shadowlands dev.