Optimizer dosnt see the item in offhand


For some reason the optimizer dosnt see the ilvl 115 item in the offhand , and suggests that i use
Warswords of the Valarjar which are ilvl 20 instead of items ilvl 110 and 115 gear .
No matter how i twist and turn i cant get it to work with this .
Below is a pic of my offhand item in game - the suggestions seem very very weird this time

Please help

This is a weird case that you have which is confusing the optimizer. You have a one handed weapon and a two handed weapon. The optimizer expects you to have two one handed weapons or two two handed weapons. Your old artifact weapon is the only one that can make that happen.

I guess it is possible to use a mix, although you would not benefit from single minded fury or the increased stats/damage of an extra two hander so you’d be at a significant disadvantage. We can see about putting in a check for this case.

Go get another weapon!

Hey ,
Ahhh i see , i was thinking i at least get the normal dmg associated with it . I really need to find a better one but i guess i was more confused by the fact that it displays blank instead of anything there .
Thanks for the reply .