Optimizer selecting traits for wrong spec

Lights Decree is not a Holy trait and this piece of gear is not shared with my protection spec (the only strategy above it.)

On the left, you have Protection setups set as a higher priority than this Holy spec setup. So those specs get first pick of azerite traits. But even with some off-spec azerite traits, the chosen item in your Shoulder slot is better.

If you want to prioritize Holy azerite traits higher, drag and drop to re-order your setups on the left.

Thats what the help tip says, So I suggest re-ordering, if you want the correct gear to show.

I addressed this. The piece of gear in question, my shoulders, is not a shared piece with the higher gear set. The ret set (the last in the order) is the only shared gear set

The extension to avenging wrath works for all specs. You have to activate ret spec to actually pick the trait in-game, but the 5 second extension works for Holy and it is often worth having one of those in most optimal setups.


This detail - and any similar ones - need to be stickied, titled, ‘Paladins* - PLEASE read this’… it may not be relevant for much longer, but it may get a few people’s queries sorted a bit faster.

*Change Class as appropriate to trait

Yeah, agreed. We need a way to communicate things like this to people using the optimizer preemptively. That is something we are giving thought to as we plan our our shadowlands enhancements to the site.

A little popup, like the one you get the first time BiB chooses an azerite piece from a higher spec with the wrong traits, would be perfect.
No idea how easy it is to detect when that happens though.

Is it just Disc Priest and Paladins it happens with?