Optimizing gear

when i first started using mr robot (free version) i was able to use the optimizer for gear recommendations, gems, enhancements, ect. I see the optimizer button on the entry screen but it foes not go to an optimizer. is this function no longer available?

The free version of our retail WoW site (Dragonflight now) has always had (and still does have) a free Best in Slot feature. There used to be another free feature called “Gear Check”… but it was rarely used and a little redundant so we removed it – Best in Slot is essentially a superset of that feature.

The other optimizer features have always been part of the premium subscription: Best in Bags, Upgrade Finder, Worst in Bags.

All features are premium for Classic and WotLK. Far fewer people use those versions of the website, so a free version just wasn’t possible – we needed to make them premium to fund their development.

There is a one-week free trial of all of these things. If you haven’t used the site in a long time and aren’t seeing an option for a free trial, let us know and we can reset it for your account. Best in Slot is cool… but Best in Bags is super convenient and worth checking out.