Option for optimizer to assume sockets on all socketable gear

I’ve seen this suggestion come up from time to time, and I’d like to add another vote for the feature. I frequently use the Upgrade Finder while raiding to evaluate each encounter’s loot table as we proceed through the instance. Because there is no way to tell the Upgrade Finder to assume sockets, items that would be an upgrade with a socket are often shown as downgrades without one. While this can be somewhat worked around via Add to my Bag, the 10 item limit and the monotony of manually adding a socket to every item makes it less than ideal. This problem extends to Best in Slot, which will choose currently-equipped socketed gear even though another item, once socketed, would be better.

With the tens of thousands of Cataloged Research you accumulate before reaching Rank 6 with the Archivists’ Codex and the slightly reduced need for socket-adding items due to Domination Gear being unsocketable, it is not terribly difficult to amass a sizeable stash of Alloy-Warping Facetors waiting to be used as new gear is acquired.

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I was not aware of this. If this is true i think this is more of a must have feature than a small suggestion.

If i understand you correctly, this is what you are saying. You have a piece of gear in your bags/bank that has something like +10 AP on it an no sockets. There is a piece of gear that you can craft that has +9 AP and a socket. When searching for an upgrade, AMR will rate the 2nd piece lower than the 1st piece because it ignores the socket? Is that what is happening. that would really suck if that is true.

What is the work around you spoke of “Add to my Bag” Where is that located.

We can revisit something that automatically adds sockets to socket-able gear in the optimizer.

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thank you Swol, Please keep us updated. I use the upgrade finder quite a bit.

Speaking of. Is there a way to search for quest reward gear in the find an upgrade section?

something else i discovered last night with the upgrade finder. I was bored. Decided to run a dungeon. I searched for upgrade. Found on for the chest slot. it wasn’t very much. I don’t recall exactly but it was about .1% maybe. It had 3 gem slots in it. This is for the tbc version. I was just looking incase something dropped i would roll on it. It dropped. I took it. Reran AMR and it doesn’t show it as best in bags. So my first thought was that it DID use the 3 gem slots in the UPGRADE search. I couldn’t figure out why it was not showing as best in bags when upgrade showed it was an upgrade.

I set the gem/enchant threshold to disabled thinking that might have been it. meaning it wasn’t a big enough improvement to suggest the change. Nope.

Long story short, it was that i had uncrittable and uncrushable selected in customize for best in bags. When i unchecked those, it then selected that piece of gear in best in bags. This was for a palidan character.

It is possible that the upgrade finder will show something as an upgrade, but it won’t be picked as part of your BiB set. The upgrade finder does not run BiB with each item (that would cost too much in compute time), it compares that item to your currently equipped gear.


Thanks. With that last piece of info, is it possible to add a piece of gear to my bag, just for checking. Like i dont actually own it. i can just add it and the simulator wouldn’t know the difference.

the op to this thread mentioned something like that "While this can be somewhat worked around via Add to my Bag, the 10 item limit " I have looked around for this feature but i can’t find it. But i would definitely find a lot of use for it. Even if it is only 1 item limit.

“Add to my bag” will do what you want. It ranks differently than the other upgrade finder searches, which is why there is a limit to how many items you can add. If you add just one item, it optimizes as if you also owned that item and shows you if your score would improve.

Sounds perfect. I just cant find where that option is located. Probably right in front of my face but i cant find it.

Not sure if there us a difference between retail and tbc version. I am only using for tbc. Is it located un bib section ir find an upgrade section?

It works the same in both versions, it is in the Upgrade Finder.

found it. lol. it was in step 2. I can’t believe i didn’t see it. I was almost about to give up and was thinking you were just trolling me.

I like the idea of having BiB handle this. I have a bank filled with gear that might be an upgrade if socketed.