Outlaw guide vs batch sim

I was having a look at the guide since the updates have gone through and the talent section is significantly different to what it has been for single target.
Looking at the patch notes there isn’t a change which would change anything so I’m confused.

I did a couple of batch sims, first with no essence or OH-weapon enchant as the new ones don’t work in the batch sim!
With the second batch I dropped a couple of talents which won’t be better and added Rank 1 essences in.

The results, with my character, don’t return results how the guide indicates they rank.
I set Tier 1 to 1% so I could see where the “best” option is, then I increase it to see where other talents start being included in the T1 section. Perhaps I’m using it wrong but I do it this way to see how far away other builds are or how much I’m leaving on the table for a talent I prefer playing with.

Neither the talents or the essence rankings line up with the sim results.
I realise many more combinations have formed the data for the guide and my batches didn’t include minor essences, perhaps that is what is missing?
I didn’t include them as I don’t have them unlocked yet and choosing talents for now makes more sense to me.

I think the essence section needs a drop down menu so you can set your heart level, possibly even one for which ranks you have available. I know it isn’t using the addon export as it’s in the generic part but I think it might need to.
I’d like to be able to use it to direct my efforts towards the essences which are stronger for the specs I care about.

The data was generated with all 3 essence slots filled, that could certainly change things a bit for some specs. It would be a lot of combinations to deal with people having different ranks or not enough heart levels to activate all three… so we went the “plan ahead” route for now.

We’ll give some thought to how to give a little more flexibility in that suggestions tool without melting the web servers.

Just for some perspective, pre-8.2 we were generating data for 243 talent combinations for most specs (where 2 rows are utility). Now we’re generating data for 8019 talent+major essence combinations (243 talent combinations with 33 different essences (rank 1-3 of 11 unique major essences)).

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How do I interpret the data to choose which minor essences to use when I’ve unlocked them?

It’s going to be a while until I’ve got all three unlocked, I should get the first tonight or tomorrow as L55 isn’t that far away but L65 is!
I know it’s more data and many, many more sims, but I think it would have been better to have data for what most players will have now, so one minor and rank 2 major? Can you have a rank 3 one yet?
Then while we all work our way towards the second minor you can run the additional sims on those low priority servers.
Looking at Wowprogress US players there are only ~23k players with the first minor essence unlocked, although the top 50k worldwide are at 55 or higher. Perhaps I’ve been too slack!

The data on the guide is just for major essence – as if you put it into your first essence slot, so it’s really the combined value of the major+minor.

The gear optimizer will pick minor essences in the other two slots (at heart level 55, 65) for you automatically, based on the talents+major essence you have chosen.