Outlaw multi-target Best in Slot not recommending best setup?

When I initially looked at the upgrade finder for legendary items on my Outlaw rogue for multi-target, I noticed it suggested Shadowdust Locket over Celerity. There was a post several weeks ago about Shadowdust Locket on Night Fae being overvalued, but I thought it had been already fixed.

Best in Slot does not suggest Shadowdust Locket in my setup, instead opting for Celerity. The suggested Best In Slot claims a 118.04% DPS increase (https://prnt.sc/w3zfxr). If I manually select Shadowdust Locket and re-optimize, the DPS increase rises to 131.74% (https://prnt.sc/w4011c).

First, why is Best in Slot suggesting a lower DPS setup for me? Second, is Shadowdust Locket still overvalued? Other resources (such as Wowhead) seem to provide conflicting information, stating “[Invigorating Shadowdust] is one of the weakest options in terms of damage.”

Can you post your snapshot id? (Use the help link above the gear table to generate one.) I’ll see if I can find out why a potentially weaker solution is being chosen.

I think shadowdust is great for outlaw in multi-target. We updated it right away on launch - it was only over-valued for a couple days while we re-calculated. It reduces the cooldown on… everything. Outlaw is a spec that has tons of medium/short cooldowns: blade flurry, between the eyes, roll the bones… I don’t know why other sources would rank it weakest. It has huge potential for Outlaw, especially multi-target if you make sure to vanish when you can get full benefit to blade flurry from the cdr. Using Vanish as a DPS cooldown is a play style choice that not everyone likes (I don’t really like it personally), but I think the numbers are there for the taking.

Snapshot ID: 4463aa8d0eb44474bcb9282ac531f732

I think the legendary is interesting and want to give it a try, but I want to confirm the numbers are there before I commit any of my early Soul Ash.