Outlaw Rogue Count the Odds Conduit

The conduit specifies that odds and duration are times three if the trigger is Ambush, but the conduit has the same duration and chance for Ambush and Dispatch, but triple duration and chance if used from stealth.

I’m unsure of how much use it is to model it, but the conduit is a bit special as well compared to actually pressing Roll the Bones. The conduit gives a roll the bones buff that you don’t already have, and most importantly, Roll the Bones does not replace buffs received from the conduit. This is a different behaviour compared to buffs received from actually using the ability, where it will replace any existing Roll the Bones buffs (but increase duration according to pandemic rules).

Yes, we have all of that behavior modeled.

I was under the impression that the information on https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory corresponds to the simulations behaviour, but does it differ then?

v relevant conduit information on the wiki

Roll the Bones has some really specific logic, so there is extra logic on Roll the Bones itself to deal with Count the Odds.

I think the only case I don’t catch explicitly would be using Dispatch from stealth, but right now the rotation always uses Ambush from stealth. I can clean that up at some point.

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