Outlaw Rogue - Multi-Target - Big difference between RaidBots and AMR

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With my gear, AMR recommends me more haste in a multi-target scenario, whereas RaidBots put the haste value very low in their dungeon slice scenario.

Usually, haste is not very good with Outlaw, because we can overcap energy pretty easily.

Have you an insight as why Haste value is so high in AMR ?

Our simulations show Haste as a good stat for Outlaw. Checking some simulations with your character, it is possible to avoid wasting Energy even if you had twice as much haste as you have now. I don’t think that energy-capping due to haste is a big concern if you are able to play optimally.

The secondary stats are actually pretty close in value for outlaw, except mastery is a bit weak for multi-target. I don’t think you are going to see a noticeable difference between gearing for crit/haste/vers or any mix of those three stats. I’d go with what feels better to you in-game. Haste is just barely edging out the others in our data, so the optimizer tends to prefer it in many situations.

Thanks for the reply !