Outlaw rogue mythic+ incorrect Azerite traits

There was an update to the Website yesterday, I only noticed because I pasted a string from the addon and clicked Best in Bags, and I got a message telling me to refresh the page because there had been an update. Ever since that update, the Best in Bags function for my outlaw rogue is suggesting that I not use any Keep your Wits About You trait for multi-target, which is undeniably wrong. Having one copy of the trait is absolutely necessary for any AoE content, this is commonly agreed on by all sims, guides, and streamers. The first copy of this trait is in fact 3 times stronger than any other trait you can take. Best in Bags was correctly suggesting to use this trait before yesterday’s update, and now it is suggesting that I remove it entirely, but there has been no hotfix to the trait or the spec, so there has to be something wrong that was introduced with this latest AMR update. And yes I know about the setups order and priority, my mythic+ setup is the first one, at the top so there is no way that this suggestion comes from a higher priority setup. I tried moving setups around and the suggested traits for single target are different than the ones for multiple target, and Keep your Wits About You is nowhere to be found in the recommendations. I still use Best in Bags for the rest of my gear but I will use my own choices of Azerite traits for now, I though I’d point it out.

Current string:

$74;US;Sen'jin;Vaelian;Last Attempt;6;1;120;37;13:1,15:1,11:1,3:1,12:1;2;.s1;25;;.s2;26;2112321;.s3;27;;.q2;155862s8b1587b3197b226;19s13b-3468b3237b7b16x154126;2194s2b-3258b3385b7b878;230s9b-4242b3214b16b208x0;409s16b-3428b3201b227e5965;600s5b-3468b3244b33b591a272935a4741a-11496a2416;19s6b-3848b3217b5;5s7b-3212b3214b224;8s10b-3433b3206b227e-33;112s12b-3438b3214b224e10;201s17b-3438b3214b224e21;2889s11b-3433b3206b19b208x0e-21;2897s3b-3493b3269b340b292a10080a10303a-22042;68s15b-3901b3266b15;66s14b-3291b3279b12;1108s1b-3281b3269b631b61a22042a-16044a-8948;.inv;6948;103612;9697;0;8615b742b735b0x133008y27p3p661p822p323p0;3642;4272;3406;1254;159;10900;1;1;1;1;1;1;65;62;30;762;12;205;1237;0;0;0;0;985b95b3214b224;2332;1;2;158b-3468b3237b7;13b-3229b3229b219;914b-3448b3229b220;28b-3439b3219b223;20b-3432b3206b227;286b-3468b3237b7;5b-3214b3214b224;17b-3463b3233b6;14b-3244b3237b7e5963;126;1;88;0;94b-3214b3214b224;85;216b-4968b1535b3206b227e2;2954;0;0;0;0;0;33b-3428b3201b342;2265b-3603b3264b13;83b-3307b3294b15;99;221b-3304b3286b18;24$

Yeah that looks off. Not sure why that would have changed with the update yesterday, we’ll take a look at it.

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Give it another try – I just went ahead and recalculated all of the data for outlaw, let me know if it is better.

Yes, everything seems to be back in order :slight_smile:
Thank you!