Outlaw rogue stat weights

I have read this post and still have a question.

  • Link to my character on AskMrRobot: Minislayerr-Sargeras US
  • Link to my log (if relevant):

My question is: I am confused by the state weights for outlaw rogue. I feel like Ask Mr.Robot wants me to stack more Crit than Haste. I have seen and read on many other websites and players say Haste is best for outlaw Rogues. Are these stat weights correct and up to date?

AMR doesn’t use stats weight. It use simulation of every item/buff/passif/procs you could have and use this as base line to suggest gear and stats. As a summary, it share a “gearing strategies” who say if you have more crit than haste you will do more DPS at this iLvl for this setup gear/talent.

Other site you can find can be for mythique only, or Best in Slot and only one talent setup.

I suppose your outlaw isn’t maxed yet so haste isn’t the best at this iLvl. AMR will take in consideration your talent and your gear ( trinket etc…) and share an balanced stats distribution that could be better for you.

I’m not a outlaw player but maybe other people could help on this point.

For more details of the equivalent of stats weight for AMR you could read on the blog (http://blog.askmrrobot.com/stat-weights-analysis/)