Outlaw rogue weapon enchant not optimizing

Another issue. This time on my Outlaw Rogue spec.
BIB is not recommending an enchant though I have both my wpns enchanted.
It also says a 262 Stone Edge would be a 2.3% upgrade yet I already have a 268 of this exact same wpn in my mh.

It also recommended I make a wrist lego (Concealed Blunderbuss) which I already did yet it doesnt seem to recognize this when looking at Lego upgrades or in BIS.

Could you post a snapshot where this is happening? With that I can investigate further.

I had copied it but forgot to paste.
It’s not really showing it now how it did when I posted this, but for some reason after the recommendation for BiB it shows the enchant and next to it No Enchant.


I think our update yesterday fixed this issue. Let me know if you are still running into a problem.