Outlaw rotation

so im trying to figure out if AMR is set up for outlaws RtB or SnD any way to figure the talents its getting its stat weights for? because the two builds use different stat weights

At the top of the gear optimizer page, there is a “view/edit strategy” button. That takes you to a web page with details about the strategy you are using to rank gear. If you scroll down a bit, there’s a section that shows the talents used.

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thanks is there any way to see about slice and dice with the machine learning or is it only with the default talents chosen in that setup?

You can run your own custom strategy using slice and dice – it’s not super difficult but takes a bit of time, we have a guide here: Stat weights - How to generate a custom gearing strategy

Or, we will be creating defaults for slice and dice in the very near future, you could wait for that. I’d estimate it will take us about a week to finish those off. There will be a big announcement – you won’t be able to miss it when they go live.

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awesome i can wait i keep gear in my bags for big changes