Paid but not being upgraded

I paid the 12USD by PayPal for upgradingmy account but notjing happended. I have clicked on the contact to report this issue meanwhile three times and i have not received any response or solution to this issue

I’ll be sure to have someone look for your email and help you out as soon as possible – due to the holiday weekend, our account support person may not have seen your email yet. At the latest you should get a response tomorrow.

edit: I’m dumb, I was looking at emails from last year… I’ll have one of our people look into it though.

Vagamage, I set you up with premium. You might have to log out and log back in to see it.

I remember your account, you pay manually (instead of through the system). I don’t have any emails from you, other than from last year. We recently switch email services and I am wondering if something is going wrong. If you don’t mind, I’d love you to test this with me.

Fill out an email on this form, and post here when you do that. I want to see if I get it.

thanks for helping
i sent a mail in category account & billing

i logged out and back in - my account is no upgraded - thanks for that

btw: i wanted to use the option paying with PayPal but then i was asked to fill in informations about my bank-account. Cause i did not want to allow PayPal to have access on my bank-account ,i could not pay on this way.
So i paid you by using your confirmed mailadress in PayPal ^^ cause that worked last year too

i forgot a “w” sry - my account is now upgraded

What has happened? Today i logged in and my account is set back no more upgrade features - please check waht is going on. Thanks.

Human error - I am SO sorry. I manually set you up with a year premium, and I did it for a year and 1 day (to take care of time zone differences).

It turns out, I set you up for 1 day, because I put the expiration date as 5/29/2018, instead of 2019. I fixed that, and am so sorry.

Ok. So i had to use another browser now and i could find out that the account is upgraded again.
Thanks again