Paladin AOE/Farming

Is it possible to calculate a Farming equipment with most AOE Dmg ?
At the moment I try it with a Protection / mostly DPS calculation and turned on “Use Consecration”
But I’m not shure if it’s the right way.

We don’t have calculations for AoE damage in general right now.

Consecration can increase your single target damage, but doesn’t generally work out in a raid so we have it as an option. Turning that on would certainly give you a decent idea of the gear you’d use for AoE. There isn’t much you can do besides consecration to do AoE damage, right?

That’s right, but you can have additional damage with different items. For example

Blessing of Sanctuary, maybe additional spell damage for consecration.

I think a a combination from as much dmg to all enemys and as much defense as possible

For the time being, I don’t plan to put in special settings/calculations for AoE farming builds - we’re going to keep the mathematical model limited to raid damage. You can pick these items and lock them in and then have the optimizer work around them, though.

I get that it might be hard to know for sure if a lower level item beats out a higher level item that just has more stats… if there’s enough demand for it we could look into adding another calculation for it in the future.

thanks for the answer. I’ll try it with locking items.