Paladin Legendaries


just a quick question, in the best gear part of the site I have both the cloak, belt and the ring (Liadrin’s Fury Unleashed)

Now the cloak and the belt are the BiS for paladin but its not recomending that for me it wants me to use the belt and the ring?

Im currently at 32% Crit and 32%Haste but its telling me to gem versatility, which will lower my haste to 28% which means ill only get 1 global cooldown instead of 2.

Any ideas?

@yellowfive is more of the paladin expert, but, from what I remember him saying, the 30% haste value for ret paladins is really “not a thing” - it doesn’t matter really if you are a bit above or below that number.

The biggest thing you need to account for when your haste changes is that you will have to get used to the different feel of how the abilities time up during Crusade. It might take a little practice to readjust.

but what about the legendary?

There are actually several combinations of legendaries for retribution paladins that do very similar DPS (within plus or minus 2%):


And I’d have to try it again, but I think you can even get away without the chain in some combos, but it does tend to be the best legendary in most setups.

The important thing is that you make minor tweaks to the rest of your gear to maximize each setup, which our optimizer will do for you.

You could really go with whichever setup you prefer out of those.

Stacking crit+haste through the roof never seems to get max DPS in my tests, at a point you want to balance it out with some versatility. The optimizer handles finding the optimal “tipping point” for you.


it just seems the buff you get with the cloak and using the fires of justice along with the buff from the belt of 10% would be best combo

A lot of people are using Zeal these days (even for single-target), gets higher DPS in many cases.

ive been on a roll, i just got the new leg ring, but it still wants me to use the old one. I’ve done all the sims from every other place possible and me robot is the only one not telling me to use the back belt combo.

If you could post the string of data that you copy from our addon to our website to run best in bags, we could easily test your specific case.

As said above, my suspicion is that several sets of gear are very close in value. Our system is designed to not be biased towards any particular setup, so it might choose something “uncommon” that is just as good.