Pally: glimmer build?

Hey AMR,

Is there a glimmer profile that will help me sim M+ keys that helps optimize both my healing and dps performance? I don’t see it if it’s available.

We don’t have anything for DPS for healers yet - it’s on our list to add in at some point.

The healing advice already takes into account glimmer of light in the build advice.

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I gotta tell ya, as someone who enjoys your tank toughness slider i would really enjoy a dps slider for healer classes.

In the mean time; can you help guide me on how i can figure this out? Zmok (one of the top holy paladins out there) recommends crit > haste > vers.

You can use the “customize” section and enable the secondary stat customization. Use the sliders in there to set a custom stat priority.