Pawn Addon Guide

What gearing strategy are you using? If it is an older custom gearing strategy, it might not create a pawn string.

You import it into the Pawn addon, not the AMR addon.

I’m really liking having the Pawn strings to help me find potential upgrades right from the tooltips. I don’t know how feasible it is to do this but I’d love to see a way to automatically import the strings to Pawn when I import to the Ask Mr. Robot addon. I imagine that’d probably require some work from the Pawn people to accept strings from another addon though. Maybe that’s something both addon’s devs can collaborate on? Even if that’s not possible I’m very happy to have the current functionality in general.

I realize it goes into the Pawn Addon but where? That’s what I am asking.

Scale - > Import. The box is small, but just paste it in there. You have to export the specs you want and disable the default ones. It only gives you one at a time unlike Mr. Robot.

The blender setting (Aggressive/Conservative etc) does not get integrated into the generated pawn string. Is this a known limitation or a bug?

I believe it is a known limitation right now. We can ask yellowfive when he gets back from vacation if there is a way to make the stat weights change based on blender settings.

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Ah ok. Would be a welcome addition! :slight_smile:

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Hey, sorry for the late reply! I was expecting to get an email if there was a reply, but I see I should have just checked the forum.

I’m using Ursoc (H), set at machine learning. Is that considered old at this point?

Thanks for your help!

@willowmaid, yeah you might need to make a new strategy… could be that older strategies don’t have the required information for Pawn export, but I can double check.

Also @shaarla, it is on my short list to add blender support to the Pawn export.

Thanks guys, that was definitely the problem! I changed it to Physical, and the string popped up no problem. Thanks again for your good work on this! I’m excited to have the integration!

I rolled a mage character and have been using the Pawn string to upgrade gear as I leveled. I finally made it to 101 and equipped my first legendary. I used Mr. Robot to obtain an updated Pawn string. However, I noticed that none of the stat weights were changing.

For example: stat weight for Intellect is 15.03. That is the same value it had at 40, 60, 100 and now 101

I use the export form Best in Bags.

Any idea why the stat weights are not changing?

The weights are only designed for max level characters. The weights won’t change based on your level - they only change if you have significant changes in talents, set bonuses, etc.

If you are not max level, just equipping the highest item level gear possible, or the heirloom items, is what you should do.

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Since the “Export to Add-on” text includes gear suggestions for all specs, then there should be a Pawn string for all specs too. Really, Ask MrRobot could use a lot of tweaks to eliminate the number of clicks required to do a task (especially when managing three different specs). Why not make the Import button in the Ask MrRobot add-on automatically import all three or four Pawn strings as well? This could be an optional feature. Pawn has the ability to hide scales the user doesn’t want to see, so there’s no reason not to import Pawn strings automatically.

Exporting multiple pawn strings at once is an enhancement we could make when we get around to updating that feature for BfA. We had a few general improvements in mind, so we will probably design it out and do them all at once.

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I like the changes in BfA for Best In Bag. Switching between specs is much quicker now for that. I’m not sure about Upgrade Finder - it should behave more like Best in Bag, where the specs are outside the Setup options so you can quickly see the upgrades for a spec by clicking a spec button. I don’t know why Gear Check and Best in Slot don’t have spec buttons. There are spec buttons at the top of the web page but using them requires scrolling up to the top. It’s weird that all the sections don’t behave the same. It seems that the user might find it easier to open a browser tab for each spec. I think making that unnecessary would be a good design goal.

I would still like to see the pawn strings be included in the “SEND TO ADDON” text (only one text box for all the gear and pawn strings for all specs). You would just need to find a hook into the Pawn import code to do all the pawn strings at once. Import of pawn strings can be an option in the Gear import frame of the add-on or in preferences.

I have the same question, perhaps I’m just being a dork but I don’t see in the pawn addon where to past the string. I looked through all the tabs and don’t see anywhere to paste anything.

Hi yellowfive, a quick question, can i export pawn string from website now, i can not find the right place to do this for wow classic?

We don’t have a pawn export for classic right now – due to the different kind of model that we used for doing optimization in classic, we would need to write some code to generate good stat weights. It’s on the to-do list though.

Type /pawn to get the interface up. On the Scales tab, you’ll see an Import weights option. If you don’t see it… I think you hit the manual button or something near that.

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