Pawn Replacement/Improvement?

This is a bit more of a feature request, and I totally understand that it’s a big ask, but is there any possibility of getting an addon that would serve a similar purpose to Pawn? In the sense of telling me if a given item is better than what I have equipped, but in terms of my AMR gear weights.

Right now, I can always just export my addon string to the site, and run best-in-bags, but that doesn’t help me for things like knowing if I should ask for an item that dropped during a raid.

Perhaps it’s something that could just be added to Pawn as well? A way to import a string that represents the AMR ML weights?

Some kind of feature along these lines is on our list of things to visit soon – the specifics are still under development. Using the Machine Learning technique directly in an addon is sort of out of the question… too complex and expensive to maintain. But we are working on some kind of intermediary between the game and website.

It could be pretty low precision and still be valuable. I mostly just need to know if an item is worth even considering - often I’ll be in a situation where something’s Titanforged a lot - or dropped out of a high Mythic +, and I just have no clue how it stacks up outside of guessing at the numbers.

In the meantime, a way to do a single-item addon export, and then do a single-item Best-in-bag would also be a good solution. I just know I’ve had a few times I’ve rolled on items during a raid, won them, and then found out it wasn’t an upgrade when I ran a Best in Bags, which feels a little bad for the other people I beat out.