Pawn Replacement

I have been using the PAWN export data for a few years now. I use PAWN strings to inform myself on whether or not an item is a potential upgrade for my builds. I am constantly frustrated that the import data is always given a generic name regardless of what I have named the setup. This makes me have to delete my 7 setups from PAWN, import 7 new ones, and rename them immediately in PAWN. If I do not my setups will over write each other, since any setup of the same spec is named the same thing in the AMR copy/paste data. This is very frustrating. This has led me to wonder why I even need PAWN. Would AMR ever consider adding these features to the add-on? If so could it be part of the import data so everyone paying for best in bags can bring it in with the normal import?

We have toyed around with the idea of adding some kind of behavior like Pawn to the in-game addon, but we never quite go there, especially now, because there are so many things that can’t be ranked well by Pawn (azerite traits, special effects on items… and they keep adding more, not just trinkets anymore).

It’s still something on the list for “maybe, one day” though. In the meantime, I could probably make the Pawn string name match the name of the currently active Best in Bags profile without too much trouble.

The best solution would probably the upgrade finder like _trash kind of thing in game :stuck_out_tongue:
Probably already in the “to do list” or “good idea to do”

That would be a great change, Even if there is never more than the name issue!