Pawn says Bag Gloves are 35% better after Stat Weight Import?

I did the best in bags and imported into the game and also imported stat weights but in my bags a pair of gloves still says it’s 25% better for prot pally? now this has made me even more confused than before subbing.

Pawn I believe shows a per-item percentage… our site shows the overall percent gain to your total score.

Also, Pawn is a really, really rough estimate. Best in Bags and all of the tools on our site are far more comprehensive and will give a much better ranking. We use a much more advanced model than stat weights to handle how your stats interact, and we handle all of the fancy special effects like azerite traits and trinkets procs – those things can influence the value of all your gear.

Short version: Pawn won’t give you the same answer as the website, and it will always give you a less accurate answer. It is handy for what it does, but stat weights are just too limited a way to think about the game now.

So i should disable pawn in game then?

That’s up to you – some people like it as a quick ballpark: if an item is a close-ish upgrade or downgrade from their current item according to pawn, they’ll keep it then use a more robust tool like Best in Bags to make the final call.

Outside of that though, most people don’t use it to make final gear choices anymore.