Pawn scales in Classic

I used to be a fan of AMR and Pawn’s use of AMR scales through Legion, but understand that AMR is using more sophisticated comparisons now. While leveling in Classic, I’d like to use Pawn to compare Wowhead’s potential crafted items to items already possessed, but the item attributes seem wildly different between Wowhead and Pawn (which I understand uses AMR scales). So 2 questions: 1) How do I equate Wowhead’s attributes to Pawn/AMR’s; 2) Can I find on the AMR site something like the traditional generic weight scales? (I see that you can export a specific character’s AMR string to Pawn, but don’t see where to export a generic string, which would be all that’s needed while leveling). Thanks. (I did read the "Similar to " articles).

We don’t have Pawn stat weights for Classic at the moment – it’s on the list of potential future enhancements though.

Generally speaking, there aren’t a ton of choices for stats when leveling in Classic, so we haven’t seen a lot of demand for this feature yet.

For retail you can export Pawn weights for a character – those should work just fine for leveling. If you change talents you would want to export a new set of weights.