Pawn strings not changing when you change your gear

My question is:

Everytime I do BiB or do Gear check and change a piece of gear the Pawn string should change but never does. It stays static unless I change the Toughness Level in the gearing strategy.

In other words if I ever get a gear piece to drop I cannot make a decision if its an upgrade unless I check the gear checker or BiB first. because the pawn string never changes to fit the current gear stat needs.

The pawn strings will change based on the chosen strategy and your talents. They won’t change every time you change a piece of gear. There is a long history of how we have generated and used stat weights on AMR… short version is that getting new stat weights every time you change a piece of gear is not a very good way to rank gear. We stopped using that approach about 6 years ago.

At that time we moved to a much better way of generating stat weights – those are what you see in the pawn It gives a better set of weights, and they are more stable. Then we moved away from stat weights entirely a few years ago because no matter how good your stat weights are, they are still not a very good way to rank gear. Using Best in Bags is far more accurate and flexible. If you use the import/export from/to our in-game addon, it’s also very convenient.

Pawn can still be convenient as well, but only in situations where you aren’t that worried about performance, such as sorting through gear on a low-level character or while leveling up.