Payment error using paypal, but payment has gone through 2 times. But no premium

Payed with my paypal account for premium two times in a row and it has been drawn from my bank account and ive received in my mail two receipts for the payment sent to you for a years service. So ive payed 24 dollar or euro or whatever. But when I do it it says error payment something and i dont get the updated premiium stuff, but it has taken my moneyt twooo times now so i cant do it again.

If you contact us via email through our contact form (Contact - Ask Mr. Robot), we can get this straightened out for you and refund the extra charge, and also look into how this happened in the first place. If you email us today, our person who handles account issues will be able to look into it first thing tomorrow.

If you could also provide details in your email about what kind of error message you received that would be helpful in tracking down what went wrong.

(We prefer to handle account-related issues over email to ensure your privacy.)

For anyone else who sees this, there was an issue with PayPal over the weekend – it seems to have been resolved on PayPal’s end for now… but we’re looking into it and making sure that everyone who was impacted is updated properly.