Payment issue with my account not being upgraded

My account was charged 12 dollars for the year and it was not even upgraded… I have clicked on the contact to report this issue and i have not received any response or solution to this issue. I don’t know if this is the right place to post it but this needs to be fixed asap.

If you sent an email, we respond to most of them within 24 hours on business days. So you should receive a response from our person who handles account issues sometime today. If you don’t, let us know and we can follow up.

Hey slugz - I’ve emailed you a few times, are you not getting them?

The first one, I found your account and refunded the charge. The second time you emailed, it is unclear if this was a new charge. If it is, it isn’t tied to that same account, but it might be on a different account. I need other possible account names or emails to look up. I can also look it up by the credit card or paypal info. If you PM me (or email me) the full name and last 4 digits on your card (or the email tied to your paypal account), I can find that charge.

Hey Zooper yeah it was refunded and then charged again in the same day. I was not receiving the emails. For some reason it was on my junk mail. My apologies.