Penance of discipline priest


Here, I can’t find ‘Penance’ in ‘Atonement’ section, while I can find ‘Penance’ in damage tab.
Also, when I use ‘Upgrade Finder’, the legendary ‘Penitent One’ is marked as +0.00%, although it has a decent option about Penance damage.


I deeply love AskMrRobot’s simulation system, so I want to know about this. Thank you!

The top line in the simulation report for Atonement is Penance. The line that just says Atonement. I have to group all the spells under one of the spells, so I chose Penance as that spell, it’s a limitation of the grouping/labeling in the simulator wiki.

I don’t know why the Penitent One is ranking as zero in this case - I’ll take a look. I’ve been having trouble with the healing legendary items in the optimizer because they are mostly relatively weak. We’re running into lots of margin of error issues because they don’t affect the total healing output a lot, especially for Discipline.

Really helpful, thanks!!