Penitent one Showing as 0% upgrade


I were just looking through the legendaries for discipline when i noticed it didn’t want to switch to the penitent one and saw that it is counted as 0% upgrade for disc in m+. Im sure this was not the case before so wondering what is going wrong here?

Ticket : f4f58fbcd21a4086863a24c9fbbbcd61

I’m not sure why it is showing up like that. I’ll take a look at the data and see if we can regenerate some of it. It looks like there might be a display issue going on as well, since it is not ranked as if it has zero value.

The ranking of legendary items for healers is fairly problematic in general because their effect relative to your total output is much smaller than it is for DPS specs. Noise in the data is enough to make it hard to tell which items are truly “better” than others. I don’t think blizzard makes the healing legendary effects strong enough, personally.