Percent improvement large, but gear set up is correct?


So I ran AMR best in bags and changed out the gear/enchants as it suggested (or so I believe. I am obviously doing SOMETHING wrong . . .) I then re-ran the tool, and though the tool shows no changes to my gear, it still shows that I should get a 7% improvement.

Any ideas why?

What you seem to have missed off your screen grab is that your Soulbind has been remapped, like this:

In the centre, under your AiL… that’s the +7%.

Not 100% sure I actually saw the Soulbind remap in your original image either… hence the wording above.

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AH, I knew I was missing something. I just wasn’t registering those icons up there and didn’t realize it chose different conduits. Thanks so much for the screen shot - I thought it might be something like this, but in spite of searching (I was looking for a button or a tab) I didn’t register those.


Thanks, random internet stranger!

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