Phial of Putrefaction in AoE

For WW Monk, everyone talks about how good Phial of Putrefaction is, so I did some keys with it. There seems to be something off about its damage in the M+ simulation. The ST damage lines up with what I see in logs, but in the M+ simulation it does almost the same damage as the Tormented Rack Fragment - whereas in the log it did 40% more damage than the Tormented Rack Fragment. Some of this might be attributed to a rotational difference between the logs and the simulation, but since they’re both passive trinkets that should be minimal.

I think the difference lies with Phial rather than Tormented Rack Fragment because Phial seems very low relative to the other damage sources, where TRF seems to be about where I’d expect based on the simulation.

I’m not seeing a big difference there… 2.2% vs 2.3% of your damage done? Looks pretty close to me. As far as relative damage between the tormented rack and phial - that’s going to depend a lot on the timing of the fights and when enemies die. That can be highly variable.

I’d be concerned if I saw some huge difference here, but this looks reasonably close, considering the mythic+ script isn’t going to exactly mirror your pulls in a mythic+ anyway.

I guess I just see the 40% higher relative value in logs vs the sim and I worry that something isn’t correct. The optimizer is picking the “correct” one based on what happens in the simulator but that doesn’t match my experience - maybe I’ll run a couple more keys with both and see if my observations hold and then just bump the customization on Phial if you’re convinced it’s simulating accurately.

I don’t see anything fancy about the mechanics of the phial - it is being applied as I would expect. The tormented rack has a 5 second interval on its damage, so maybe there are more ticks being cut off as a result of that.