Please add lower Azerite/Enchants Threshold

I love the Threshold functionality but I often have Mr. Robot suggest replacing enchants or gems for even 0.01% gain… 0.25% is currently the lowest option I can choose. A 0,05% and/or 0,10%, or hell, even a 0,01% option would be a very welcome addition!

I second this. I think .25% as a minimum is far too “high” of a change. I tend to ignore something only if it’s .05% or lower, but when I have the threshold set to “Disabled” it’s constantly trying to change enchants/gems when it’s a 0% Upgrade. So, if there was a lower threshold, that would be very helpful, if only to stop the 0% changes from constantly happening.

0% changes should not happen very often – if you have a case, make a separate thread and post it with a string we can use to reproduce it.

I can give it some thought, but anything lower than 0.25% would be of dubious value. That is a very small change in your theoretical output… if you are using this cost-saving feature to say “I’d rather save some gold than make this tiny change that I won’t be able to notice in-game anyway,” you are already “OK” with trading off a tiny theoretical gain for convenience and cost saving.

Going below 0.25% is in a way antithetical to that entire concept… you’re probably better off disabling the threshold entirely at that point.

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